The Story of Shred...
Born and raised in the small, eastern Ohio town of Wellsville, I was always active. I remember hiking all through the hills collecting rocks, jumping creeks, riding bikes and sled riding in the winter until the daylight disappeared.  

Alongside my outdoor adventures, I was extremely active in sports. Pictures of me in my lime green polyester Little League uniform still grace my parents' mantle. Videos of me trying to kick extra points over the swing set still exist.  

My love for being active and playing sports morphed into a passion of fitness when I was around 14. For Christmas, my father purchased a universal weight machine, complete with a system of cables, pulleys, stackable weights and even a calf raise machine! I was hooked. I would go down into the basement every MWF and perform my workouts, which consisted of pushups, bicep curls, pulldowns, leg extensions, sit-ups and yes...burpees!

I continued my workouts well throughout high school while playing sports (football, baseball, basketball & track and field). During this time, my friends had seen my strength and power increase and started asking what I was doing. I invited them to join me and the passion for helping/coaching others in the fitness world began.  

I chose to study Sports Medicine / Athletic Training in college, which I earned a 4 year degree. My first endeavor out of college was a Personal Trainer at a big box gym. I enjoyed training various ages and fitness levels towards better health. While training at the big box gym, an opportunity came my way to pursue a Lead Trainer role within a small family owned, 1-on-1 private training facility. I learned so many leadership skills while in the Lead Trainer role and enjoyed my time training others.  

Sadly, one day everything came to a screeching halt and my life hit a giant speed bump. The facility closed its doors in the summer of 2010. I frantically scrambled around looking for Personal Training jobs, but none seemed to fit what I was looking for. I earned a 4 year degree with years of experience and I was unemployed. "How could this be?", I asked myself. 

With many prayers and sleepless nights, I made a decision. That was when SHRED (Fitness) CrossFit was born! I took pencil to paper and began to formulate a plan. The plan was to help as many people as possible through the vehicle of health and wellness. I was alive again! With the help and support of many friends and family, I began to lead workouts at parks, on basketball & tennis courts and in parking lots. I saved up money and passed my CrossFit Lev-1 Trainer Certificate test. My dream was becoming a reality. Truly.  

Presently, SHRED CrossFit has been in three different locations. SHRED continues to offer high levels of CrossFit coaching to many athletes of all ages, experiences and fitness levels. The community of athletes that represent SHRED CrossFit are amazing, everyday people that work very hard inside and outside of the gym, all with a smile on their faces.

In closing, I truly believe the journey has just begun for SHRED CrossFit...

-- Coach Marcus